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Sasha Powell
'My aim is to coach riders and their horses in a positive way to help them form a working partnership together to progress their training and understanding. Training may include correct dressage basics to strengthen the horse and rider and their understanding of each other. Lunging, in handwork to improve horse and rider relationship on the floor, grid work, course jumping, cross country training and hacking.' Sasha Powell.
I am willing to work with any age and level of rider to improve their riding ability and understanding of the horse. I am available for competition preparation and will travel to events to warm you up and support you in any discipline. Marsh Farm Livery offers a supportive training environment with every rider aiming in the same direction to improve their working relationship with their horse to progress each others training. Jenny and Sasha.
Gina and Magic. Testimonial from Katie Wells.

"We came to Sasha almost 18months ago. My 8 year sports house x was nervous, tense and very spooky. He was terrified of the bit and taking a a contact, and was very unbalanced. Also an ex pacer he had an extra gait which he resorted to whenever he got tense so it was virtually impossible to compete. He hated going in the trailer and I hadn't jumped him in about 18months. At our first one event this season we came 5th, with a dressage score of 27.... Despite me making a mistake. Laddie also went double clear!
Sasha helped me take laddie right back to basics. I learnt not to worry about where his head was , but to focus on my level of relaxation and in turn his. We concentrated on his rhythm and building his confidence. Eventually, as his rhythm and balance improved he naturally started to swing and work over his back. Previously also irritable and bad tempered. He is now happy, relaxed and enjoying life. Sasha also spent last summer taking me to fun ride. Previously Laddie and I found fun rides a traumatic experience, with him jogging and rearing and generally being a liability. Now he jumps confidently over any cross country jump I point him at. I have learnt training is progressive. There are no quick fixes and our horses are a reflection of ourselves. Sasha is truly a gifted trainer....she is well connected abd can offer help and support from her own experiences as well those of her peers. I have ridden for 37 years and have learnt more about myself and laddie in the last 18 months than a lifetime worth of teaching. If you really want to ride and enjoy a fabulous partnership with your horse, this way of training is the only way forward!"
I work with Equinethos, a classical training dressage yard in Churchill, Chipping Norton, and regularly attend clinics, lectures and demonstrations to enhance my classical training and encourage liveries with an interest in classical dressage whatever level
to attend as well.


Pony Club. Training the Teachers of Tomorrow.
I am a Warwickshire Hunt Pony Club instructor.
I am a member of
Training the Teachers of Tomorrow (TTT).
Marsh Farm Livery Stables, Marsh Farm, Stourton, Shipston on Stour, Warwickshire. CV36 5HG